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August 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to the TZMUK newsletter for August 2013. We have a key topic of the month for this month – we’ll be discussing some ideas for beginning the transition into a system which will one day blossom into a global resource based economy, and introducing Teamhumanity and VocalEyes – two partner organisations who are keen to work with […]

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June 2013 Newsletter

The amazing misadventures of Monetary-marketopithecus Welcome to the TZM newsletter for June 2013. With the violent floods in central Europe and the two devastating Hurricanes in Oklahoma in recent weeks, we have more evidence of extreme weather events way outside of norms. In the UK, a recent joint report by 25 environmental organisations shows that 60 […]

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May 2013 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the TZMUK newsletter for May 2013 Well we’ve finally swung out of our record cold early spring, and agriculture has been counting the cost– dead sheep are up 16%, and the oilseed rape crop has been halved in comparison to seasonal norms. Britain is set to become a net importer of […]

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