What brings you here today?

Here at TZMUK, we are very pleased to see a constant stream of visitors to this website & we welcome each and every one of you. 🙂

As a way of introduction & and to help us gauge where we should focus our efforts, would you take a moment to introduce yourself and mention what it is that brings you here today? Perhaps you just saw one of the documentaries on-line & are looking for more information? Or maybe you are interested in any upcoming events in your area… Whatever it is, we would love to hear from you.

If you have the time, please write in the comments below.

Many Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “What brings you here today?

  1. Been following the movement from day 1, even if in a fairly sort of inactive way, supporting online activity and speaking to my own circle of friends, family and fans. Currently collating all my Zeitgeist Movement related bookmarks and reading lists to press on with more serious advocacy work. All the Best TZMUK, keep up the Good Work !

  2. I have just watched the first two Zeitgeist films and will soon watch the third. I consider myself lucky enough to already be ‘conscious’, thus the content didn’t shock me, rather solidify my discontent. It is like a signpost pointing to what I already believe to be true, and discovering this signpost gives me hope that it actually leads somewhere (and I’m not just delusional).

    Anyway, as the Gandhi quote says at the top of the page, ‘Be the change you wish to see’…I want be a part of this movement and do my bit. So perhaps events would be a good start! I will look on the calendar. I’m situated in Manchester.

  3. Hi, New year and I told myself I want to do more with my life and ensure I don’t vegetate in front of the telly or gaming machine. The idea was to find out about local charities and educate myself further as cheap as possible. I came across Moving Forward during a documentary consuming phase and have not stopped consuming TZM information since. Reaffirms many beliefs I have has since I was a small child.

    The realization of a false economy based on debt had never been understood by myself so that is new to me. Although, I have been frustrated with consumer ideology for a couple of decades. I studied Env Science 12 years ago and have lost focus not working directly in a sustainable job, Huh! Had to pay off Debts and service my Mortgage, 🙁

    Any how am in a learning phase and don’t feel comfortable with activism which I am working toward. I need to find my sweet spot, or as Dan Pink might say “Flow”

    I have not joined a chapter yet and want to meet the community a bit more. I could go on loads more but that will do for now.

    So easy to get depressed about it all but I remain positive.

  4. Hey 🙂 Name is Arainn Hawker – living near Taunton – Working as a forest school leader who is just coming out 5 years working in the state controlled education system. It has been 2 weeks from my first viewing of the film series on netflix (gotta love them)- led there by watching films like ” “The Flaw”, “The End Of The Road – how money became worthless” and the amazing “Collapse” and “The Shock Doctrine” – since watching I Have been further and further down the rabbit hole – watching all the interviews with PJ on the web switching between rampant paranoia and ephoria that I put aside my fear and am waking up (matrix moment!:)

    Just want to say working with families in poverty on wild learning project today and having a conversation with a young dad while giving a lift home really (and considering my last two weeks) really brought home to me the reality of “digital poverty” ie not having ready access to internet at home is and what a massive disadvantage that is … no acess to the kind of information I have been imbibing ….Having spent the last !0 years advocating for nature based play and education I find it kind of incongurous that I may have to switch part of my energies to getting folk laptops and wireless connection :/

    I have just taken a deep breath and am going to plough into the orientation literature tomorrowand then work out my best role in the movement…Just listening to the regional coordinators latest meeting download… I think the movement’s role at the moment is opening peoples eyes…”if you are not willing to learn noone can help you. If you are determined to learn noone can stop you” truth is i was unwilling until I came to a personal crisis but now I am determined :))

  5. For sometime I have known the this planet is governed by the “world bank” aka jp morgan and so on. Russia today seems to be the only news channel that can be relied on for the truth. I strongly believe that things will change as more and more people begin to see through corruption and the propaganda that rules this planet.
    Your documentaries are truly enlightening and the word is spreading.

  6. Hi my name is Jit. I am a Hindu, but was born in the UK. I do consider myself to be British although I follow my faith. I recently became a father and that got me thinking about the future more so about my daughters future. I think the world needs to change and when I came across the zeigeist movement it ticked all the boxes. This change must happen for sake our generations to come. It would be dream to see this change in my life time, but this can also be a reality if only more people become aware. Let’s spread the awareness I am on board with the movement.

  7. Its a joke that your movement shares my thoughts and im being told that im sick, ‘out of order’ im completely un-orderly and so i have a ‘disorder’. Not careing is the norm, and im abnormal. please help me, they’ve put me on ‘mood stablelisers’ everyone thinks im crazy because ive broke the programming, if all life matters then save mine, having intellect has bound me, careing has enslaved me,

    • Keep the faith Chris “It is no measure of health to be well adusted to a profoundly sick society” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.

      I just watched the documentary “Food Matters” and apparently a couple of handfuls of cashews has the same theraputic value as a dose of prozac without any of the risks…

  8. I watched the Zeitgeist films and I wanted to find out when the protests in my area are going to start. Just announce when and where on your sight for the northern Ireland protests and I’ll be there. I’m not happy with the world and never really have been. I’m unemployed and content with that as I am free to learn about the world without the need to be a wage slave. I’m happy for the most part with myself but I despair at the blindness I see among my friends regarding there defence of money and its usefulness. I wish they were as happy to live with the stigma of “poverty” as I am. We need to work on the education of every generation of child from now on all over the world if anything is to be done. Our government cannot be trusted to educate our children from now on. Something needs to be done. Maybe volunteers to teach home-schooled groups. Im sure many TZM ppl out there are qualified to do this in there area. As long as the volunteer educators remain unpaid that alone could tech the kids a valuable lesson. In my opinion this is the only way I can see of changing the world any time soon. Good luck everyone 🙂

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