Would you like to increase your understanding of the world around you?

Over the last couple of years The Zeitgeist Movement have put out a lot of content in the form of lectures, movies, radio shows & other things. There’s also endless amounts of free information available out there and this is an attempt at collating as much educational material as possible, whether it originates from the movement or not.

Where do I start?

We would suggest you start by watching two free documentaries – Zeitgeist Addendum & Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

These two films were the inspiration for TZM and by watching both of these with an open mind, you will significantly increase your understanding of the problems we all face on a daily basis and will have a good idea about what is needed in the form of solutions.

Then what?

Once you have accustomed yourself to the chain of thought advocated by TZM, you are ready to continue your education by:

  • Watching the lectures presented on this site by people such as Ben Mcleish, Douglass Mallette, James Phillips and Peter Joseph.
  • Reading any of the books listed on our Recommended Reading List.
  • Switch off the mainstream news and look to online news sources such as RT or Realnews24