UK Project Funding

The Zeitgeist Movement UK has ambitious goals for national projects in the near future. Individuals wishing to contribute financially to a specific active project may do so below using PayPal.

Active Projects


Pending Projects

[Oct 2012] Fund regional deliveries of new A6 flyers to UK regions

Preliminary: Must discuss how best to split the 25k flyers into UK regions and calculate delivery costs. Suggestion is to divide equally among the 12 chapters, making approx. 2000 flyers available to each region for their own use.

Total Costs: <unknown at present>

Funding is currently not being accepted for this project until preliminary discussions are complete.


Archived Projects

[Sep/Oct 2012] National Flyer Co-ordinated Distribution Project (Funding Met)

Target: 25,000 A6 Flyers, Printed on both sides on 130gm Art Paper, Gloss Finish

Total Material Costs: £133.30 for flyer production.

Total Delivery Costs: Flyer delivery to one address free. Delivery to local chapters unknown at present. Suggestion: Start new project for funding deliveries to local chapters once flyers are being printed, and we know how many chapters to deliver to, and the quantity and weight of the package to each.

Teams involved: Zeitgeist UK Creative Workshop
Project Finalised: 28/09/12

Current Status: 15/10/12: We have reached and exceeded the funding goal so donations are no longer being accepted for this particular project. The flyers have been printed and have been delivered. We will now discuss how to split the flyers and into which regions before opening a new funding project to fund local deliveries.

TZM UK balance as at start of project: £6.69 GBP. Please note paypal deduct a small fee from your contribution to us.

Donations received for this project:-

Scott RBE £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)
Peter J. £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)
Ian B. £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)
Jeremy H. £4.63 (.37p fee deducted from £5 donation)
David L. £19.12 (.88p fee deducted from £20 donation)
Cliff B. £4.63 (.37p fee deducted from £5 donation)
Tom W. £23.95 (£1.05p fee deducted from £25 donation)
PJ Proudhon £4.63 (.37p fee deducted from £5 donation)
Julia R. £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)
Adam G. £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)
Shane O. £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)
Gavin R. £9.46 (.54p fee deducted from £10 donation)

Balance as at 03/10/12 11:00am: £129.87 GBP

Donations box closed – thank you!


Project Transparency

In the interests of complete transparency, your initials and donation amount will be publicly added here underneath the project you have contributed to. An audit of the paypal account will be made public. The final amount received and receipt(s) from the project (if applicable) will be posted online.

Once the project target has been met the donations box for that project will be disabled. In the event of over-funding, refunds will be issued through PayPal and will be divided fairly in the following order. First, if the target had already been reached and an individual later donates, this individual will receive a full refund. Second, in the event of a remaining overpayment, it will be divided first between the total number of the highest value contributors, then down to the next level in highest value and so on. We believe this is the fairest method, as those contributing the most will receive the most back.