UK Teams

Whether you want to collaborate with others or you just want to give the odd hand, we would love to have you. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right skills yet, you can learn as you go along, the first step is to join a team. We mostly operate through Facebook as it has been a relatively efficient platform to communicate on. If you are not on Facebook then please email the relevant team coordinator and he/she will add you to the mailing list of that team.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the teams, message us here

Lecture Team

  • Giving talks
  • Proof reading talks
  • Helping others with their talks
  • Providing resources e.g. slideshow presentations, maybe a speakers guide

Team coordinator: Adam Antium
Working location: Facebook Group


Media Team

  • Graphic designs for leaflets, posters (on & off line) and info graphics
  • Creating & editing videos e.g. intros, promos, animated vids and ZDay talks etc
  • Zeitgeist Media Festival
  • Filming & live streams

Team coordinators: Em Boone
Working location: Facebook Group

Resources: TZM Media Tool Kit


PR Team

  • Contact media and local press for UK TZM events
  • Inform local chapter coordinators on how to do the same
  • Research speaking opportunities at third party activists group, protest marches, sustainability exhibitions etc.
  • Radio show phone ins and interviews

Team coordinator: Fancy being team coordinator? Get in touch here
Working location: Facebook Group


Writing Team

  • Monthly emails
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Write ups for event descriptions, leaflets, posters and articles etc.

Team coordinator: Piper Tiger-Moon
Working location: Facebook Group


Team Coordinators Role:

  • Maintain the integrity of the team
  • Receive emails from people who want to join a team, while keeping a record of everyone with their contact details.
  • Inform everyone what tasks are up for grabs for the team’s relevant skill set
  • Help projects stay on track and help keep general organisation
  • Get the team to brainstorm new projects & ideas
  • Maybe have a meeting on TeamSpeak once a month to build a sense of community and to discuss ideas.