International Teams

Linguistic Team International

The Linguistic Team’s primary goal is to make the movement’s vast resources, media and documentation readily available to all the world’s people in all known languages. To accomplish this incredibly huge task, we need a diverse group of individuals from every language to help collaboratively transcribe, proofread and translate this material into those languages. The global Linguistic Team has a valuable collection of tools at its disposal and an effective work flow to provide accuracy, consistency and comprehensibility in everything we present as a unified, global movement. Every book, video, radio show, interview and website falls into the LingTeam’s domain for review, making it a critical component within the movement.?This Team is open for anyone who wishes to help with English transcriptions, English proofreading, video subtitle timestamp refinement, translations (all languages), translation proofreading, multimedia development (DVD makers, video splicing, cover art, etc.) and more.

Team coordinator: Ray (Gman)
Working location: LTI ‘Working’ Forums (home to all language teams): Linguistic Team International Forum
Wiki working location: Linguistic Team wiki
All Language Team Contacts: Contact info

Developers Team

The Developers Team’s primary short & medium range goals focus on facilitating and innovating a broad scope of intelligent applications and automation tools to further enhance the functionality of the Movement’s websites and related communication technology and projects. This often includes database development, general programming and custom applications for various purposes, but with a strong focus on inter-connectivity. For many projects, the approach will center around a highly modular, adjustable focus, allowing our results to be reused for a variety of team & chapter needs. Long-range goals include the development of the entire community network into the first “intelligent social-cybernated system” prototype, where all community sites and resources are fully interconnected and as automated as we can make them, given current technology, as well as the development of a full internal & external FOSS community, where everything we develop & create is then shared freely with the rest of the world.?This Team is open for anyone who wishes to contribute. This include people who are knowledgeable in all web & program developing languages, interface experts, conceptualizers, beta testers, functionality documenters, etc.

Team coordinators: Ray (Gman)
Mailing List and contacts: TZM Dev Mailing List
Wiki working location: Dev Wiki
Projects location: Projects

Newsletter/Press Release Team

The Newsletter/Press Release Tseam works to create periodic publications for public/member review. As of now, the Team produces a Bi-Monthly Newsletter. Press Releases naturally relate to The Movement in general, along with commentary on current global events. ?This NL/PR Team is coordinated by a small set of core full time reviewers, which included Neil Kiernman, Brandy Hume and others. This core, appointment only group, works to review submitted materials. However, in effect, the real “Team” is the open, ongoing member content submissions of articles for review and possible publication. If you would like to contribute a Newsletter article or you have an idea/article for a press release about specific current events, please submit to the email below.

Team coordinator: Brandy Hume
Working location: TBA very soon
Contact: (Note: please do not submit articles to this email address. A new website is nearing completion to handle all future submissions)

Technology Team

The Zeitgeist Movement’s Technology Team is an information and action oriented hub which aims to inform as many people as possible about the current advancements and capabilities of science and technology. Technology is rapidly developing — faster than many of us realize — and with this in mind, we aim to provide a clear picture of just how quickly this is happening through daily reporting of developments and breakthroughs around the world via our website, and via local and global technical projects (listed on the ZeitNews website). ?It is not just sufficient to talk about advancement, but it is also imperative that we come together and apply this to the world we live in, as a way to help mankind evolve to the next socio-economic level. We hope to actively engage as many people as possible in recognizing that our current technological development is far more advanced than the majority of humans currently realize. By raising awareness of emerging technologies that can free humans from unnecessary work, while practically and efficiently providing for all with minimal, if any, human effort, we hope to build a global understanding of how this technology can improve everyday life for human beings — making the human species much more likely to achieve its productive and innovative potential.

Team coordinator: Pending
Working location: ZeitNews
Contact: Pending

Media Project Team

The Media Project Team, like the Newsletter team is more of an open, variant team and deals both with intellectual and aesthetically related content and media management. General projects associated with this team is the management of our YouTube and other media accounts, along with the website. Members interaction is ultimately by submission to The Media project through the website above. More on this team, along with contact and mailing list info as it develops.

Team coordinator: Angelos (apollo)
Mailing list: TZM Creative Mailing List
The following team subjects/contacts/mailing list info are pending. Please check back.