What can I do?

Brilliant, you found this page, which means your looking to get active, if you have equiped yourself with concepts of which the TZM advocate then your ready to start spreading the message, if not we suggest at the very least you watch Zeitgeist Addendum & Moving Forward.  These can be found here.
If your still thirsty for more knowledge you can view our lecture series, which includes talks by Peter Joseph and Ben Mcleish.

We also have an About & FAQ section which can be found here:  which includes short videos to answer the more indepth subjects.

Now you have the knowledge, the next step is to hook up with others in your area, Zeitgeist Movement UK (ZMUK) – You can view all the contact details here: Join You Local Group

Within ZMUK we are always looking to start new projects which would allow us to work together as a team.
The aim of any project must be to spread the concepts of TZM, our main aims are to get these concepts into the mainstream, via TV, Radio or newspapers, as thats where the larger audiences are.