Zeitgeist Day London 2018 Programme

The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability advocacy group working through education & explicitly non-violent means to bring the world together for the common goal of human and environmental sustainability. Please join us in London to hear us & as always Z-Day gives members the opportunity to socialise, make new friends, discuss & hopefully put into action your own ideas with many different people. For anyone not familiar with TZM and what it advocates, it is advisable to watch the free online documentary Zeitgeist Moving Forward or this 20min Ted talk.


To Give is to Receive | David Dann

Within the obsolete labour-for-income model that dominates the world today, there is a missed opportunity to be had that has shown to have a profound impact on the human condition. Giving your time for others or volunteer work not only creates a kind of ‘helpers high’ which could be labelled as nature’s built-in reward system, but also has impressive health implications mentally and physically as well.

Global Sustainability: The Animal Agriculture Industry And The Economy… Addendum | Adam Drage

Extending on the presentation he delivered at Vegfest Brighton earlier this year, Adam will look at how the driving values of our current socioeconomic model are shaping agriculture industries as we know them today, and the impact this is having on life on Earth.

Establishing a Society Suitable for an NLRBE | Ilarion Gospodinov

Economy and society go hand in hand, constantly influencing each other. An NLRBE is about a shift in our economy. What about the social and individual shift needed? Changing the individual, to change society, to influence the economy is yet another battle for us to tackle. This talk will offer a possible direction for development.

Money Free World an International Political Party Standing for an RBE | Jodian Rodgers

The UK spokesperson for MFW will discuss, among other points, the origins of the party, and what its main tasks will include in aiming to achieve a mandate in parliament, so it can begin the work of facilitating the transition to an RBE. Half the talk will be set aside for questions, please forward your name here to book your question. MoneyFreeParty.org.nz

A Picture of Transition | Andrew J. Drummond, BEng AMIMechE

Looks at several looming economic crises in energy and resource overshoot, challenges that we will face in transitioning to a renewably-powered circular economy, social adaptations that need to be made, how they can improve quality of life, and with case studies, shows how you can get this ball rolling in your local community, making almost anything from almost nothing.

Unlearning Helplessness: Identifying and Breaching the Barriers to Social Change | Adam Antium

Adam takes us on a deeper dive down the rabbit hole as there is more holding us back than we think. We’ll deal with the emotional and neurological pre-conditions that stifle progress. Drawing from over 50 years of study, we will look at how learned helplessness affects activism and how we can outrun its grip. Expect audience participation in this empowerment talk to energise your own path.


12.00 – Doors open

12.30 – Introduction by our host Fiona Kirkwood

12.45 – To Give is To Receive | David Dann

13.15 – Global Sustainability: The Animal Agriculture Industry And The Economy | Adam Drage

13.45 – Establishing a Society Suitable for an NLRBE | Ilarion Gospodinov

14.15 – Money Free World Political Party | Jodian Rodgers

14.40 – Break

15.00 – A Picture of Transition | Andrew J. Drummond

15.30 – Unlearning Helplessness | Adam Antium

16.00 – Questions & Answers with speakers

17.00 – End (space booked upstairs to eat, drink & socialise)


The Albany is behind Great Portland St Underground Station. The event with will be taking place in the basement known as The Other Place.

Doors open at 12noon and the event will come to an end at 5pm. After the event there will be a space reserved for us upstairs to eat, drink and socialise. The pub has a couple of vegan foodoptions.

Free Admission, but please bring cash for donations!

Even though this is a free event, on the day we will kindly ask for voluntary donations to meet the venue hire fees, a new batch of leaflets and the TZM London Meetup fees for a year. As most of you would agree, none of these costs should rest on the shoulders of just one or two people. If 80 people turn up and donated £5 each, we would cover these fees. Any extra money will be used to print some new posters for the info stall. Please remember to bring cash on the day. Many future thanks

Seating Arrangements

This event operates on a first come first served basis, people who register a place are not guaranteed a seat. Its recommended that you come early to get a seat. Reason being is that people have a tendency to book free tickets/register and not show up, which would in turn prevent other people from filling those seats. There will be 80 seats with a clear view of the screen & presenter, but there also may be a few extra seats with a partial view. The bar in the same room will be serving drinks between talks.

There might be a live stream via the official TZM UK Facebook page, but we cannot say for sure at this time.

Calling all TZM Coordinators & Members!

We have thousands of new TZM leaflets and hundreds of new official DVDs of Zeitgeist Moving Forward and Zeitgeist Addendum. If you need some to hand out in your area, please send an email here and we will supply you on the day.

Due to this event being held in the basement bar via stairs only, there will be no wheelchair access unfortunately. This was the only venue we found within our budget in central London. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If anyone has special needs, disability requirements etc. or any other queries please email here.

Big thanks to @upbeetgraphics for the work on the ZDay poster






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