Newsletter – January 6th 2013

Welcome to the Zeitgeist Movement UK Newsletter

Thank you for your show of support for The Zeitgeist movement. It’s been an eventful 2012.

The world’s financial system continues on its path towards collapse. There’s been Mass civil unrest in Greece and Spain as the Eurozone digs itself in ever deeper with unsustainable bailouts. The USA prepares for the fiscal cliff. The Arab spring rages on in Egypt and Syria. And here in Britain, our least popular ever Prime minister has only one saving grace – our least popular ever opposition leader!

We’d like to take this opportunity to update you on some of the things we’ve been up to in theZeitgeist movement, and invite you to take part in some new activities to help nudge our turbulent world towards the transition into a new socio-economic paradigm.


Culture in decline

Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist Film series has been busy with his new bi-monthly webseries ‘Culture in decline’ dealing with specific topics of today’s culture in 30 minute episodes. Peter has adopted a more satirical humour approach for this series, aiming at a more main stream demographic to push home truths about why our societal model really is going down the pan. Sofar, he has released three episodes: What Democracy, Economics 101 and Consumption vanity disorder. These make very enjoyable and informative viewing and are highly recommended. Visit

Episode #1 “What Democracy?”

Episode #2 “Economics 101”

Episode #3 “C.V.D.”


Cybernated farm Systems

Meanwhile, another active Zeitgeister, Former space shuttle systems engineer Douglas Mallette is launching his new social enterprise Cybernated farm Systems. Using his NASA knowledge and experience in sustainable science, Doug has designed an automated aquaponics greenhouse system powered by renewable energy that can grow food for villagers in even the most barren environments. Doug is seeking crowd funding to develop the prototype system, after which he aims to form partnerships with governments and aid agencies in getting these systems out to the people who need them most in the starving regions of Africa. Each village would also receive a program of education in sustainable technologies, after which they would become responsible custodians over their environment, and be able to help neighbouring villages with sustainability initiatives.

If you’d like to help Doug fund this enterprise, please visit


Global Redesign Institute

TZM has begun planning a new initiative called the Global redesign institute. This is aimed at gathering together the people who are serious about planning the redesign of our entire infrastructure as we prepare to move out of the old, obsolete and unsustainable built environment that is crumbling round us, and into a sustainable, planetary civilisation for the approaching new paradigm. This will also involve the compilation of a global Geographic information system.

Some of us are beginning to engage with small and medium business people at networking events, and inviting the participation of anyone they know who could provide their professional expertise in making this transition happen. It’s going to be a lot of work, so if you’d like to help, please let us know at


Regional Chapters

TZM has also formed a new network of regional chapters for members to interact and plan meetings and events with others in their area. If you’re not a regular member of your local chapter, please visit



Finally, we have launched a new petition on AVaaz to make the transition to a resource-based economy. With your help, we could get this viral and start waking up the world online about how we can all move forward from the mess we’re in.

Don’t forget – We hold online meetings every other Monday on Teamspeak. More details

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