Resource Living

ZMUKThis post inspired us to create this page, if we all could take something from this and gradually build the rest into our lifes through time, then we will protect ourselves and our family from this consumer based monetary system.
The system will slowly phase out if we all adopted this philosophy!

This post written by Penny Brunskill on the ZMUK Facecbook wall.

I cannot go to the protests as they are too far away but as I’m sick of the way we are governed and the fact that ordinary people are faced with the burdon of debt created by greedy banks I have decide to quietly and peacefully to organise my family’s life a little different. I feel very strongly that we must do something to be heard.

  • My family will not be buying anything new.
  • We are going to empty our bank on a monthly basis.
  • I am going to make all our meals from fresh ingredients from the local market.
  • We are going to mend and make do at every possible opportunity.
  • We are going to ignore all advertising.
  • We will shop for anything we may need at car boots so at least we feel things are getting a chance to be recycled or reused
  • We will not be taking any holidays anywhere
  • We will ride our bikes and only use the car if absolutely neccessary.
  • We will not use buses trains or any public transport.

If everyone does this we will not be feeding the machine that rules our lives.