Let’s get the Zeitgeist films on TV

With your help we will get the eye opening Zeitgeist films on TV or one of our spokespeople on radio for interview.

Getting these films on mainstream TV will reach a much wider audience so if you really want to see this happen and help make a huge impact to British society take part in our campaign. Join this facebook group and then help make this a reality by adding all emails/letters that you send to this testimonial & welcome page.

You may want mention some of these bullet points in your message:

* The Zeitgeist Movement is the largest grass roots activist movement ever!
* The movies are free to broadcast.
* There is a great public interest.
* Your audience would like to know how certain economic structures work ie fractional reserve banking.
If you can think of anymore we will add them to the list, thank you.

When you have posted your message don’t for get to send them to C4 via their contact page: http://www.channel4.com/4viewers/contact-us