UK Uncut

UK Uncut is a British-based protest group established in October 2010 to protest against tax avoidance in the UK and to raise awareness about cuts to public services.

The idea of UK Uncut originated in late 2010 with a group of ten activists in a North London pub who were having a discussion about the lack of resistance to the public sector cuts. Private Eye had just published an article about Vodafone avoiding tax so they organised a protest against Vodafone on Oxford Street. Protesters met at Piccadilly and successfully closed the Oxford Street Vodafone store. Since then the protests have grown dramatically and dozens of actions are organised all around the UK on each day of action. The UK Uncut protests are known for their use of social networking and the internet to organise many protests around the country without central control. Messages concerning protests are advertised through Twitter, Facebook and other websites so that large groups of people can be mobilised very quickly. A similar protest group inspired by UK Uncut has formed in the USA under the name US Uncut. The protest also spread to other European countries, creating decentralized protest groups like Portugal Uncut.

(thanks to Lee ‘Deathcare’ Nelson for compiling this list)

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