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oneplanetprojectHello and welcome to the TZMUK newsletter for May 2013

Well we’ve finally swung out of our record cold early spring, and agriculture has been counting the cost– dead sheep are up 16%, and the oilseed rape crop has been halved in comparison to seasonal norms. Britain is set to become a net importer of wheat for the first time in a decade. All these factors will impact on food prices, so if you’ve never turned your back garden into an allotment, now is a good time to start!

Unemployment rose by 70,000 in the 3 months till late February – the second rise in a row. Annual Pay rises were at their lowest since 2001 at 1%. And UKIP is surging ahead in the polls on the strength of its immigration policy, a sure sign that the government is finding it difficult to keep sweeping technological unemployment under its increasingly threadbare carpet!

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to spend tens – ultimately hundreds of billions of pounds we don’t have on a Trident nuclear missile replacement. The only cited threat is that North Korea is developing nuclear missiles – whose range falls far short of the UK. Perhaps he is afraid that an envious Kim Yung sun wants to get his hands on George Osborne’s Quantitative easing technology.

Meanwhile at the HMRC, 55,000 workers staged half-day strike recently. Can this be the beginning of lawful rebellion from the very people that the government relies on for its financial lifeline?

One of the biggest stories of late has been the passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Whatever our particular political opinions might once have been (we don’t do politics any more, do we?), we can now look back at Baroness Thatcher as perhaps the last ever British Prime Minister that was worthy of remembrance. Her passing coincides with the demise of the political establishment as a relevant force in human affairs. Let’s hope it won’t be too long now before the rest of the population awakens to this fact!

Fracking expert Ian R Crane has been speaking to The UK column about the implications of the environmental impacts of this technology. 64% of the UK sits over shale and coal bed methane gas . Huge volumes of freshwater are needed for its operation, possibly beyond the limits of our national reserves. A host of illnesses are caused by neurotoxins and endocrine inhibitors that are used in the process. House prices crash on fracked regions. Human symptoms from exposure to the toxins include legs collapsing and induced speech impediments.

Please give your assistance to a student research project

A student research trying to understand how both social media and activism work asked our help in order to gather enough data for her work.

There are 2 forms, one for ‘members’ and the other one for the online community. If you would like to help please download this questionnaire: –

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Topic of the month: TZM Education

Now that you’ve taken that step of becoming a subscriber to TZM it is our sincere hope that you’ll be open to doing your bit to educate others on the train of thought, and help to ensure that this will be the generation of Monetary Marketopithecus makes his long-overdue transition from caterpillar to butterfly.

Here is TZM co-ordinator Jim Phillips sharing his thoughts about where we all stand on this vital crossroads in human history: –

The scene: A secondary school dining hall in Hertfordshire, showcasing The Resource Based Economic model via a 25 frame ‘science and sustainability’ exhibition.

TZM Education co-ordinator James Phillips is standing in the hall and a 14 year old boy walks up beside him with a look of bewildered wonderment on his face and says…………

Boy: ‘You mean we can build all this?’
James: ‘Yep.’
Boy: ‘Then why don’t we just do it?’
James: ‘Because we don’t have enough money.’
Boy: ‘Money’s dumb.’

I watched Zeitgeist in 2007 and Zeitgeist Addendum in 2008 after the initial recommendation of a friend, but it was not until after two years of questioning the idea of the Resource Based Economic model and attending ZDAY 2010 in London that it finally clicked for me that I must take a stand, so I asked myself the question:

Which group of people are the most likely to get this and be the most likely to make it happen? The answer seemed to me to be glaringly obvious to me….Kids……The destination…… Schools…… The method of approach……..Sustainability.

However this was of course merely a theory that needed to be put into practice, so I set up TZM Education. The aim of the site was to showcase the flaws in the current education system towards creating the train of thought required for a Resource Based Economy to come to fruition, whilst simultaneously providing the materials for TZM members to go into Schools and share the train of thought with students and teachers.

So what have results been thus far? Well in the case of delivering the message to Schools I have been into ten so far at different age groups and been invited back to every single one. In these Schools there has been everything from students taking the argument for the RBE into debating societies, demands for return visits and in one case the cancellation of lessons for the day to ask further questions on the idea. So there is no doubt a hunger amongst young people and teachers to hear of such ideas.

The merits of such an approach for the movement shine through in the example given at the beginning of this article, and this is by no means an isolated case. Most groups who come through to the exhibition walk away with a flyer, as well as receiving a warning to make sure they check out what I am saying to ensure it stands up to burden of evidence. This is always a welcome but somewhat shocking revelation to the kids who are of course locked in an environment where questioning authority and the validity of the information being taught is the governing syntax.

However in the area of bringing more members around to the merits of this approach I would say by my own standards admittedly, I have not been as successful as I would have liked. This is the purpose of this article and the next phase of TZM Education.

A long awaited update to the site is underway including a revamping of the activism section to make it as user friendly as possible for TZM members. Coupled in with this will be a worldwide movement project through Chapters to commit to going into at least one School in some capacity as a starting point for a worldwide effort by TZM to approach the education system with this information.

As a movement who seeks a change in the ‘cultural zeitgeist’ to one that is more orientated towards utility, sustainability, collaboration and true efficiency, we regularly profess two extremely important statements in our materials. These are:

It’s all about the train of thought. We are an educational organisation who seeks to orientate society towards more sustainable set of social and cultural values via an understanding of what is technically possible should we choose to apply the scientific method and the systems approach to the social system directly.
You must become the light of change you wish to see in the world. If we do not actually put this aim into practice using the same logic we advocate then we are engaging in a false enterprise.
So it seems to me that if it is an educational movement who wish to speak to the people who are ready to hear what it is we have to say then the evidence is in. The answer is in our Schools.

Remember that Children still have that sense of wonder at the world. They have not yet been convinced that they cannot change the world or that do not have the power to do so. They still imagine. They still dare to dream. They have not been out in the big wide world and been told to fall in line, get a job and follow the presubscribed plan set out for them. It is our duty to inform them that the sustainable world their teachers only allude to in gesture is achievable, if they dare to question and believe they can be the author of their future rather than just perpetuating the prior generation’s limitations. This leads us to point 2. ‘Be the light of change you wish to see in the world’.

These are easy words to write on Facebook and speak to your friends and family, but saying and doing are two very different things. As a member of an organisation who seeks a change in the way the whole world works, to say that we have our work cut out is an understatement. So without making a plan and working our backsides off at making it happen then I am afraid we are what we say we rally against: hypocrites.

By all means if after an honest look at yourself you can say that there is nowhere in this notion of approaching the School system that you feel you can apply your abilities to this provably effective route then fair enough.

However, if it is just fear of what the kids, your family and friends, teachers and others may think of you, then I would suggest you take a long hard look at point 2 again. Really look at the wording and ask yourself if it is an explanation you are making, or an excuse?

Don’t misunderstand me – I’m no saint. Occasionally I relax but then I take one look at the totally unnecessary inefficiency in our social system and needless suffering of nearly all of the only family, on the only planet, in as far as I am concerned the only life I will ever get and I say to myself, ‘sorry James, time to get up off your arse and get back to work sunshine.

’Life is not about a finish line. Those who live a life through the prism of integrity have no other option but to act, regardless of the result. If you class yourself in this bracket, and the evidence presented in this article strikes a chord with you then I need your help.

Please visit and get in touch with me through the contact section for an activism pack and to discuss how we might go about this task.

Our children deserve a better future than the one currently on offer. The time to make that future a reality, is today.

James was also interviewed recently on the Star trek podcast, and you can listen here (1hr 30 min into the transmission)


Be part of a local sustainability initiative

And finally, we’re looking for members who would be willing to participate in sustainability initiatives in their local area. We already have charitable organisations such as the Food banks, some of whom are finding that the numbers of people needing emergency food support have doubled over the last year. We at TZM know that human problems need technical solutions, and we need to respond by forming partnerships with such organisations with a view to developing technical solutions that can provide life-supporting resources locally and sustainably. Would you be willing to be part of a local charitable unit that grows food, generates renewable energy, composts and recycles sewage waste and 3d prints household items?

Please email us at and let us know the level of participation you are able to give.

Alternatively, why not join our urban farms project facebook group on

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