House Prices: Why are they so high?

The guys over at Positive Money do a great job of exposing the truth about how our monetary system actually works. Their latest short video explains ‘Why House Prices are so High’ in a very clear & understandable way – all accomplished in less than 3 minutes.

Whilst this information is nothing new to advocates of TZM, it’s a great way to introduce other people to the concepts we speak about.  When you consider that the vast majority remain unaware of how things really operate within our financial system, it becomes clear that above all else, education is still the most important part of TZM.

Enjoy the video below, or review the Full article over on their website.


House Prices: Why are they so high?

Thought it was because there’s too many people and not enough houses? This 2 minute video explains why house prices are really so high…

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