File Sharing // Is it pride or profit? The reluctance to share… Please, go ahead and define “liberty”.

Key source: US judge orders piracy trial to test IP evidence

Let’s answer that question, shall we? Liberty is something that humans will always strive for because an ‘unwarped’ mind – a mind that comprehends the immediate flaws in Kim Il-sung’s eternal, post-death presidency over the *cough* “Democratic” *cough* “People’s” *cough* “Republic” of Korea – has always preferred freedom over serfdom.

According to, liberty is defined as: “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s behaviour or political views”. It seems fair to class copyright under the banner of “oppressive restriction” as where would we be without copying? Whether it comes to nurture, creativity, sportsmanship, we all have role models: a parent teaching you to ride a bike; a musician influencing your desire to write or perform; an athlete that drives your motivation and spirit.

I always deem it necessary to kick out the word “piracy” from these sorts of issues; replacing it with the much friendlier and – infinitely more important – accurate term “file sharing”. It’s been illustrated a thousand times over but drilling it in one more time can’t do much more harm – hey, I’m starting to sound like our soon to be mentioned antagonists. What happens when a pirate boards a ship loaded with food? They take all the food, leaving none for the crew. What happens when a file sharer boards a ship loaded with food? They copy it and leave. No one was harmed in the making of this analogy.

Other than the clear technical hitch that the kind folks over at “Ben Dover Productions” seem to have missed, – maybe their minds were focused on other things, maybe other parts of their body were distracted as well – the key that they can’t seem to find a hole for (excuse the euphemism) is, “How did our audience gain private footage after we released it to the public?!” Funny that, it’s almost as though you created footage that was solely created for monetary benefit and forgot that some people might actually want the entertainment value of said footage.

It’s almost as though you’ve put selfish gain in front of public satisfaction. No, that can’t be right. We’re reaching a point in internet and global connectivity history where something must be made excessively clear: if a product is not available for public access, do not release it to the public.

Music artists – and I emphasise the word “artists” – seem to be taking an important step forward; the music comes first!! The days of creativity for monetary gain are coming to a draw and free streaming of albums / songs has become a norm for many bands and musicians out there. The same goes with low-budget film makers, software developers, video game designers, the list goes on. I wonder whether those semi-decent guys and gals down at “Ben Dover Productions” would ever consider the same. I’m guessing not.

True music artists would, without question of a doubt, turn their back if money became the sole motivator for their endeavours. A resource based economy embraces them with open arms and nudges others into an equally noble direction. Slaving away on monotonous chores and menial repetitions is a societal non-contributor. Creativity? That’s a whole new plane of wondrous marvel.


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