Education Project

The purpose of this project is twofold. The first is to validate the sort of educational environment proposed by a Resource Based Economy.


And the second is to provide for and take contributions from Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project members with regards to communicating the concepts and ideals of a Resource Based Economy to young people currently in the education system.


When looking at our current coercive, out of date and hierarchical educational model it is clear to see how culture reflects education and education reflects culture. In a world that relies on an obedient work force it is to be expected.


Therefore, if we are to see a smoother transition to a new social system based on critical analysis and collaboration rather than competition and coercion, it is the students and teachers of today that need to be informed of this direction more than anyone. Also, younger people tend to be able to grasp new ideas quicker than adults and quite frankly they have more time on their side to strive for this direction than the older generations have.


Although it may sound a little corny the children are our future and they deserve a better one than the one currently on offer. It is our duty as fellow human beings to show them that they need not repeat their parent’s mistakes and that the future is theirs to make.


So come and visit the site, look around, and then please call your local schools and go there to talk to them about a Resource Based Economy.


Remember, we are defined by our actions. Not our words.




Jim Phillips-TZM Education


For more information and to find ways in which you can get involved please visit TZM Education


James Phillips – TZM Education, London ZDay 2011

James Phillips – TZM Education | London Z Day 2011 from Jason Gleeson on Vimeo.



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