Letters From Two Frontlines: Conversations with Graham Wright of Man Against The State

The great global conversation humanity has to have in order to advance itself, share its knowledge, its experience and its ideas, is a ridiculously recent invention. In fact, if we are to consider the worldwide access to information, whether in the form of the internet, phone or libraries, we can firmly say that the conversation has yet to truly start for everyone.

Nevertheless, in part, the omni-discussion has had its beginnings and for this, those of us who are able to take part, ought to be thankful; and at the same time, we ought to be mindful too, that we are in the rare and lucky position to be able to do so.

It is with this rather unnecessarily lofty framing that over the coming weeks and months (we are not yet sure which) – Graham Wright from Man Against the State will be engaging in an open dialogue with me – to be hosted both at this website for my observations and responses, and at Graham’s own blog (see link.)

Not to speak for him, but rather with him, Graham’s position is broadly Libertarian. Voluntaryism (the “y” of which I have always found myself caught off guard by), Austrian Economics (Mises, Hayek et al), Anarchism and similar broad notions are his perspective. To truly grasp the nature of his stance, please review his materials, and indeed his YouTube channel. His video Government Explained scored a rather decent hit with the Youtube community, and it is a very good piece too.

No doubt there will be a range of disagreements on the cards. Coming from a traditional (that is, from our view here, a monetary) economic standpoint, quite obviously our economics arguments will be, put bluntly, entirely at odds. I’m sure there will be some other points as well. We may find ourselves agreeing on many things too (one would hope so, and we have both made this comment privately already.)

There may also be lengthy gaps, as each of us reads the other’s sources, should the need arise (indeed it will – there is no conversation without at least comparing apples with apples) – so please bear with us, and particularly me, while we juggle our duties and requirements.

Anyway, look out for the series, both here, and at Graham’s site. Graham will be firing first, so to speak, with a critique, based on my January 2012 video Firing Back (how appropriate!) – and we’ll take it from there.


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